A Great Value Halloween

Tried-and-True tips for Trick-or-Treaters:

1. DO NOT BUY YOUR FAVORITE CANDY! If you’re like me, your wallet AND waistline will thank you later. Buy candy that you enjoy, but that you’ll be able to resist during distribution “down time.”

2. Wait until the day before/day of Halloween – stores will slash prices in a last-ditch effort to get the candy off their shelves.

3. Buy regular sized candy bars instead of a small handful of fun-size candy. Little known fact: regular bars end up being cheaper in the long run! (Calculated from current Wal-Mart prices: one box of regular-sized M&M packs will feed 18 kids at 61 cents/person, while handing out 4 pieces per child from a 55-piece M&M fun-size variety bag feeds only 14 kids at 64 cents/person.)

P.S: Most people give out fun-size candy, so distributing regular sized bars comes with the added bonus of incredulous, heart-warming kiddos as they behold their new found treasure. (See photos below.)

“I got candy, I got candy, I got candy hey hey hey hey!”
“A full size candy bar?! Don’t mind if I do!”

Additionally, adopting the full size candy bar policy includes invaluable neighborhood acclaim of your generosity. If you establish this reputation now, then you’ll have more financial flexibility when Christmas neighbor gift-giving time rolls around.

Happy Halloween!