Self-Storage For College Students

College students deal with everything from maxed-out garages to sub-leasing rooms, and often need just a little bit more space.

A popular solution?



To simplify your self-storage search…

We recommend figuring out how much space you’ll need before searching for facilities. Most college students choose a 5×5 unit (about the size of a walk-in closet) for storing chairs, clothes, and boxes. However, if you need to store a mattress, table, couch, or other large furniture item, consider a 5×10 unit. The easiest way to determine your space needs? Stack up your boxes as vertically as possible (typical unit ceilings range from 8 to 12 feet) and measure the length and width of the stack. Stack your boxes close to the door for an easier move. Once you know what size you’ll need, consider your facility options based on proximity and cost.


Of course, finding a site that is close to home is important, especially if you’ll need frequent access to your items. Sites like allow you to search for facilities by zip code, while a good old Google search can recommend sites based on unit sizes available AND proximity. Choose two or three sites that are close to home, and compare costs.


College students, you guys are great at finding bargains! No further explanation needed here.

Extra thoughts:

When you sign the lease, write the storage unit number and access code down and put it somewhere safe in your wallet or car.

Pack books in smaller boxes for easy lifting.

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