How To Store Your Gift-Wrapping Items

Ever dread opening a certain drawer or closet because you know it is stuffed to the brim with trinkets and treasures just waiting to spill out? Almost everyone has at least one of these drawers or closets in the house or apartment.

Your gift closet just might have this problem, and we at Great Value Storage offer these helpful tips that can be used in your gift-wrapping area or in your storage unit for space saving. This can help you reduce, reuse, and recycle your gift-wrapping items.

  • Tissue paper can add up quickly, so organize your collection by flattening out the tissue paper and storing it in an accordion file for quick and visible access.

tissue paper

  • To store gift bags in a closet, buy a cloth shoe rack and group similar-sized bags together; that way you can easily match your gift with the correct-sized gift bag.
  • Wondering what to do with all the extra wrapping paper rolls? Get a hanger from your closet and a sturdy garment bag. Place all the wrapping paper rolls in the garment bag for easy storage and easy access to see what kind of wrapping paper you have. It would be ideal if you use a sturdy clear garment bag; then you can easily identify what papers you have so you can match the wrapping paper with the type of present that you are giving.wrapping paper rolls
  • Place ribbon rolls on a paper towel holder to see what colors you have without the ribbons getting all tangled.
  • Sturdy magazine files that stand up can be placed on a shelf to hold tags and other miscellaneous items. Make sure to label the slots so smaller supplies are easy to locate.

For more organization tips, check out Great Value Storage’s website or call 512.327.3300.