How To Properly Pack A Moving Truck

Packing up all your belongings can be stressful, but with these helpful hints, you can maximize space in the moving truck!

General packing rules include: pack your truck from front to back with weight evenly distributed throughout the truck. Pack floor to ceiling with the heaviest items on the floor and load the heaviest items first. The largest and heaviest boxes should go on the floor of the truck first, followed by medium-weight boxes in the middle, and then the lightest boxes on top. Avoid loading furniture in such a way that it directly contacts the moving truck; use padding to keep furniture from touching the truck.


When moving a refrigerator, allow for about one to two days to let the refrigerator defrost ahead of time. Avoid tipping the refrigerator on its side because that can damage the compressor. Same with moving a washing machine—you should allow at least 24 hours for the water to drain out. Tipping it backward will allow as much water to drain as possible. Take the hoses from the washer and dryer; place them inside one of the units in a plastic bag.

If you have a heavy dresser, take out the contents of the drawers and take the drawers out of the dresser for easier mobility. A good tip is to place a mattress against the wall of the truck and place the dresser with the drawers facing the mattress so they don’t open.


Disassemble furniture that you can easily pack in between other, larger items. Roll table legs or bed posts in carpets and rugs to ensure that they will not break. Wrap mirrors in bubble wrap and slide them in between a mattress and box springs. Wrap upholstered furniture with plastic wrap or furniture pads to reduce the likelihood of the furniture being punctured or destroyed.

Bookshelves can provide an easy way to store small boxes. Outdoor works items such as grills, weed eaters, and lawn mowers should be drained of fuel and have a sheet draped over them.

Lamps are very fragile and should probably be packed in your car with you so they don’t get damaged. Take out light bulbs so they don’t shatter and get glass everywhere.

Once the truck is packed, fill in any remaining spaces with moving blankets. Use packing straps when needed to make certain that your items are safe and secure.


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