4 Reasons to use Climate Controlled Storage

No matter where you live, if you’re planning on storing items, you may want to consider a climate controlled storage unit. Whether it’s hot, cold, humid, or somewhere in between, here are four reasons everyone should at least consider renting a climate controlled storage unit.

1. Extreme Temperature Fluctuations

If you live in an area with extreme temperature fluctuations, summers in the 90s or higher and winters below 30, it can greatly harm certain items you might be storing. Items stores in climates with these types of temperature swings will definitely benefit from the added protection to prevent damage. Environmentally sensitive items like wood and leather furniture, antiques, artwork, electronics, wine, musical instruments and business records can all be damaged by temperature changes and will greatly benefit from a controlled interior environment.

2. Humidity

When the seasons change outdoors, so does your interior environment. Humidity can affect both interior and exterior environments. If your belongings aren’t protected from this change in humidity they may be damaged. In addition to temperature controlled, a climate controlled storage unit may also feature humidity control. If there’s too much moisture in the air, items can crack, warp or rot. If the moisture from humidity builds up, it can remain on your items from spring through fall. The damp environment can promote mildew growth on your stored items.

3. Better Air Quality for High-value Items

The cost of a climate controlled storage unit can often be slightly higher than a traditional storage unit. But, much less expensive than replacing valuable items. One aspect of climate controlled storage that is often overlooked, is the air quality. Traditional storage units aren’t sealed the same as a climate controlled unit. Because the air in a climate controlled storage facility is constantly circulating it is less susceptible to debris, dust and pests that can cause irreplaceable damage.

4. Length of Storage Needs

Do you know how long you’ll need to keep your belongings in storage? If you think it’s going to be for a period of time longer than three or four months, you might want to consider climate controlled storage. You can rest assured that whether you’re storing for a week, a year or even a decade, than when you return for your items they will be in perfect condition.

While climate controlled storage units come at a slightly higher cost, it’s often insignificant and usually overshadows the peace of mind you’re given knowing your belongings are protected from the elements. If you’re storing items you wouldn’t leave in your garage, climate controlled storage in the way to go.

Visit your local Great Value Storage location to learn more and see if they offer climate controlled storage.