Renovating? Keep your house clutter free with Self Storage

2 benefits of using self storage during a home renovation.

A remodeling project can often take months to complete. When it’s the home you live in, it can also cause a great deal of stress. Your schedule changes, you will most likely have added expenses, and you’re constantly living in a mess.

If you’re renovating your kitchen or bathrooms, you’ll possibly be living without creature comforts like your stove, dishwasher, shower, etc. It also means there are probably boxes full of items you can’t use like pot and pans. Where are those boxed going to live? Are they going to take up room in your now limited living space? You can help minimize the additional chaos and keep your belongings protected by investing in a small, inexpensive self storage unit.

Storing your unused items in a storage unit can not only cut down on visual chaos during the renovation, but it can also…


1. Protect your belongings from damage

Renovation work is, by its very nature, chaotic and messy. It’s almost guaranteed you will have dust, wood scraps, plaster, paint, nails, screws and all kinds of other construction related items thrown about your house.

If you leave your valuable, fragile items at home during the renovation, you run the risk of damaging something potentially beyond repair. A paint can could topple over splattering paint on nearby furniture or rugs. A contractor, while carrying bulky equipment, could bump into your TV or a mirror–instantly breaking something that could have easily been stored.

Renting a self storage unit could be just the answer you need to protect your fragile and valuable items for the duration of the renovation project. Most storage properties are secure, clean, and climate controlled to provide the best environment to protect your items for a short or long period of time.


2. Make life easier for your construction crew

By giving your construction crew an efficient and organized environment, it will hopefully facilitate a quicker completion of your project. If your space is filled to the max with boxes and other items, your crew will have to be even more careful not to knock over or damage items.

You can’t predict mother nature. So if you end up with multiple rainy days, wouldn’t it be better to keep your project going by providing your crew with a protected interior space to cut timber? or cut tile? If all your extra rooms are filled with boxes and furniture it will become difficult for your contractor to continue working.

By storage non-essential items in a self storage unit, you’ll provide your construction crew with the space they need to do their work quickly and efficiently.

Find a storage unit near you!

At Great Value Storage, you can rent a storage unit as small as 25 square feet or a space larger than a two-car garage. We offer affordable self storage units that can be rented month-to-month with no limit to how long you stay. Not sure what size you need? Check out our storage size guide or rent a unit online today at one of our neighborhood Great Value Storage locations.