Renovating? Keep your house clutter free with Self Storage

2 benefits of using self storage during a home renovation. A remodeling project can often take months to complete. When it’s the home you live in, it can also cause a great deal of stress. Your schedule changes, you will most likely have added expenses, and you’re constantly living in a mess. If you’re renovating … Read more. “Renovating? Keep your house clutter free with Self Storage”

Staging Your Home to Sell

The secret to selling your home at top dollar is Home Staging! When you prepare your home for sale, home staging can help highlight your home’s strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the largest possible pool of prospective buyers. Small changes can make a big difference. Here are some quick, inexpensive tips to get … Read more. “Staging Your Home to Sell”

Game Room Woes: Organizing Kid Spaces

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, children may be spending more time indoors due to harsh temperatures and school holiday breaks. This means that they will be occupying themselves more inside, which can make for a real mess in your common spaces. One space in particular that can get unorganized very quickly … Read more. “Game Room Woes: Organizing Kid Spaces”

Spotlight: Great Value Storage – Tamarack Circle

A great option for your self-storage needs in the Columbus area is Great Value Storage on East Tamarack Circle. Situated in the heart of the Forest Park area, Great Value Storage at E. Tamarack Circle neighbors Northtowne Blvd. and Maple Canyon Avenue. This location offers excellent convenience being close to many surrounding businesses including Precision … Read more. “Spotlight: Great Value Storage – Tamarack Circle”

Downsizing for Self-Storage

It is no secret that it is easy to accumulate many items within your home that don’t necessarily need to move with you when you find a new place to live. Some items suffer from damage from normal wear and tear, weather conditions, or even accidents within the home. Downsizing is a normal step in … Read more. “Downsizing for Self-Storage”

DIY Tips: Finish Your Self-Storage Project

It’s no mystery that there are some insanely cute and efficient organizational DIY projects floating around the Internet these days. It’s also no mystery that it’s easy to get inspired and decide to take on your own project after a few pages of browsing. But for the everyday organizer, some projects turn into piles of … Read more. “DIY Tips: Finish Your Self-Storage Project”

Back-to-School Tips for an Organized, Stress-Free Home

As students head back to school next month, chances are your home, stress level, and wallets are most affected by the change. According to a survey released by, sixty-seven percent of U.S parents with school-age children will spend more than $100 per child for their back-to-school shopping. This time of the year does not … Read more. “Back-to-School Tips for an Organized, Stress-Free Home”

Is Climate Controlled Storage Right for You?

If you’ve ever put your personal belongings in a storage-unit you are well aware of the “climate controlled” option. You may be thinking to yourself, what is a climate controlled storage and why should I pay extra for this amenity? While basic self-storage is sufficient for many simple household items such as furniture and décor, … Read more. “Is Climate Controlled Storage Right for You?”

Kitchen Organization – The Ticket To Stress-Free Holiday Cooking

Want one less thing to worry about? Make the most of your kitchen space before the in-laws shuffle in for the holidays! Store your boxes in a vertical magazine rack under the sink rather than letting them clutter up valuable drawer space. Brilliant! Click the picture below for more ingeniously simple ideas from our friends at Good Housekeeping: