4 Reasons to use Climate Controlled Storage

No matter where you live, if you’re planning on storing items, you may want to consider a climate controlled storage unit. Whether it’s hot, cold, humid, or somewhere in between, here are four reasons everyone should at least consider renting a climate controlled storage unit. 1. Extreme Temperature Fluctuations If you live in an area with … Read more. “4 Reasons to use Climate Controlled Storage”

Do you Really Need Self-Storage Property Protection?

June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day. Take some time to review your policies and make sure your personal property, whatever and wherever, is covered in case of damages or loss Chances are, when you move, you’ll need to store some of your belongings in a self-storage unit. You can certainly rent a storage unit, … Read more. “Do you Really Need Self-Storage Property Protection?”

What Not To Store In A Storage Unit

Storage units are the best place to store extra items that you might not have room for in your apartment or home. Different storage facilities have different items on their prohibited list, so make sure to read the list of items allowed for storage before you store your belongings Hazardous Items Don’t store toxic, hazardous, … Read more. “What Not To Store In A Storage Unit”

How To Store Your Gift-Wrapping Items

Ever dread opening a certain drawer or closet because you know it is stuffed to the brim with trinkets and treasures just waiting to spill out? Almost everyone has at least one of these drawers or closets in the house or apartment. Your gift closet just might have this problem, and we at Great Value … Read more. “How To Store Your Gift-Wrapping Items”

Handy Holiday Suggestions for Packing Up Your Home

The time comes when the crazy festivities of the holidays are slowing down and you have to pack up all the sparkly and festive decorations. By organizing your holiday storage items, you will find it easier to locate which boxes you want to unpack first during the following holiday season. Below are some easy ways … Read more. “Handy Holiday Suggestions for Packing Up Your Home”

This Calculator Will Make Your Move Easier

Trouble determining what size storage unit to rent? No need to fret because Great Value Storage has a simple solution. The self-storage estimator, located on Great Value Storage’s website, is an easy tool that helps calculate what size storage space you need to store all of your valuable belongings. Without proper planning and organization of … Read more. “This Calculator Will Make Your Move Easier”

Is Drive-Up Storage Right for You?

Everyone loves a great value that makes their lives run more smoothly with less hassle. If you’ve got what seems to be an endless sea of boxes and storage items, nothing is worse than having to carry all your belongings through a maze of hallways that all look the same. If you’re looking for convenience … Read more. “Is Drive-Up Storage Right for You?”

Why Climate-Controlled Units Matter

  In deciding what type of storage unit to rent, it’s easy to think cheaper is better. While this may be somewhat true, it is important to keep in mind what you sacrifice for lower costs. Climate-controlled storage units protect your sensitive storage items and allow for a worry-free self-storage decision. Here are some sensitive … Read more. “Why Climate-Controlled Units Matter”

Best Ways to Organize Large Storage Units

Without proper planning, organizing your storage unit can turn into a nightmare for you and your family. Poor planning can be frustrating, time wasting, and even dangerous. It can increase the risk of your belongings falling down and possibly even getting damaged beyond repair. But don’t worry; Great Value Storage is here to help! Follow … Read more. “Best Ways to Organize Large Storage Units”

Cheap Storage May Not Always Be The Best Storage

As hard working Americans, the majority of us find it difficult to resist a good bargain. It may be we’ve got a great coupon for a particular store, or we see something marked down to a low price. Our instant thought is we need this item because of its exceptional price. However, just because something … Read more. “Cheap Storage May Not Always Be The Best Storage”