Do you Really Need Self-Storage Property Protection?

June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day. Take some time to review your policies and make sure your personal property, whatever and wherever, is covered in case of damages or loss Chances are, when you move, you’ll need to store some of your belongings in a self-storage unit. You can certainly rent a storage unit, … Read more. “Do you Really Need Self-Storage Property Protection?”

Spotlight: Great Value Storage – Minerva Park

As you commute to work in the Minerva Park area, turn right into Great Value Storage on Westerville Road that makes unloading your items into a self-storage unit easy and effortless. The convenient accessibility from Corporate Drive and Route 161 allows you to drop off valuable items when you come from any direction of the … Read more. “Spotlight: Great Value Storage – Minerva Park”

Self-Storage For College Students

College students deal with everything from maxed-out garages to sub-leasing rooms, and often need just a little bit more space. A popular solution? Self-storage. To simplify your self-storage search… We recommend figuring out how much space you’ll need before searching for facilities. Most college students choose a 5×5 unit (about the size of a walk-in closet) for … Read more. “Self-Storage For College Students”

Three Cheers For Charity

We love the holidays, and we love giving back! Our online GVS charity auction is in full swing until December 12, 2014! We are auctioning several units, sending the proceeds to any of these charities. Click here to view the auction after creating an account/signing in with Storage Treasures. The items are located in the Northwest area of Houston’s outer loop at 8320 Alabonson Rd.  … Read more. “Three Cheers For Charity”

100 Square Feet of Holiday Spirit

Hey DFW! Looking to make a difference this holiday season? We are, too! Drop off new, unwrapped toy donations by December 13th at our Great Value Storage facilities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and we’ll get them to our friends at Toys for Tots. Drop-off Locations: White Rock Lake: 4311 Samuell Boulevard Dallas, TX 75228 (214) 865-7504 Garland: … Read more. “100 Square Feet of Holiday Spirit”

Storage Auctions: Online Bidding Tutorial

Popularized by 5 seasons of A&E’s Storage Wars, self-storage auctions are a great way for individuals to earn some extra cash. A person buys an entire unit worth of goods, re-sells the items, and pockets the profit. The rise of  online bidding provides a great  tool for beginners who want to learn about the self-storage industry, while providing experienced bidders an excellent opportunity for self-storage vendue participation … Read more. “Storage Auctions: Online Bidding Tutorial”

How To Keep Creepy Crawlies At Bay

As temperatures outside continue to fall, here’s how to keep refuge-seeking pests such as mice, bugs, fire ants, and spiders out of your personal belongings: INSECTS: Any quality storage unit will periodically spray for bugs each month – give potential vermin double trouble by dusting diatomaceous earth (available at garden centers) along the door, baseboards, and wall seams of your unit upon move-in and every … Read more. “How To Keep Creepy Crawlies At Bay”

Our 30 Best Moving Tricks

1. Pack an overnight bag containing all the essentials, including a change of clothes for the next day and your necessary toiletries. We also recommend keeping your laptop in this bag, as it is easily damaged or misplaced. 2. Pack the items you will need FIRST in a clear plastic bin. A few ideas: scissors, trash bags, plastic plates/forks, paper … Read more. “Our 30 Best Moving Tricks”

Kitchen Organization – The Ticket To Stress-Free Holiday Cooking

Want one less thing to worry about? Make the most of your kitchen space before the in-laws shuffle in for the holidays! Store your boxes in a vertical magazine rack under the sink rather than letting them clutter up valuable drawer space. Brilliant! Click the picture below for more ingeniously simple ideas from our friends at Good Housekeeping: